Durabuilt Developments

The development of any project follows some major phases in project life cycle.

For the success of a project, Durabuilt Development team will successfully plan, organize and control the work activities so that they are performed in proper sequence and on time. Some parts of the major phases of project life cycle is performed before the construction phase starts.

Following are the steps involved in development of a construction project:

  1. Conceptual phase
  2. Proposal phase
  3. Project design phase
    a) Engineering design
    b) Procurement of major equipment
    c) Project control function
    d) Construction inputs from experienced engineers
  4. Procurement of other construction materials
  5. On-site construction
  6. Facility start-up and turnover


Current Projects

Aylen Towns

  • Status: in for approvals, 4 towns, 2 facing street and 2 with yards, with roof tops, parking etc..
  • Ready: early 2021
  • Size: 1,500 sft-2,000 sft
  • Location: Ottawa West near the Parkway, minutes from Westboro and downtown

Lenester Custom Homes

  • Status: in for approval, 2 large custom homes, large lots
  • Size: 2,800 to 3,200 sft
  • Ready: early 2021
  • Location: minutes from Westboro, highly desired area

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